Vous Hotels & Retreats is a new way of living. It is a collection of unique hotels and retreats around the world.

Each Vous property is a haven.

A haven that houses a perfect harmony between humanity and nature; one where time stands still and the guests can relax, unwind and recharge. An escape from the hubub of everyday life, where our guests can enjoy precious, intimate moments in extraordinary environments

No two properties in the Vous collection are the same. Each is informed by the unique natural and cultural habitat that it resides in. There is no common colour palette, or rehearsed 'good morning' salute.

Vous properties are real to the core; drawing from the scenic and social life around each property's different situation whether that be local farmers or regional craftsmen.

Vous hotels are a home for the adventurous and a haven for the curious. For those that want to wake up and know exactly what part of the world they are in; that are ready to explore the less-trodden path and to indulge in the local delights.

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